Sir David MacKay 1967 – 2016

Sir David MacKay passed away this week. He made great contributions regarding climate change and energy.

He had much respect for math, science, engineering and the laws of physics, chemistry and thermodynamics. We would all do well, for the sake of the future of this planet and all its occupants, to hold as much respect for these as Dr. MacKay did. He also had a solid understanding, to say the least, of all of these.

His eminent book “Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air” should be required reading for anyone having influence or creating energy and climate change policies. (Some consider “Sustainable Materials With Both Eyes Open” a companion book).

Dr. MacKay also played a critical role in developing the Global Calculator “The Global Calculator is a flexible tool that allows you to explore thousands of options to help you gain your own insights into the world’s energy, land, food and climate systems”.

Dr. MacKay did a TED Talk entitled “A Reality Check on Renewables“.

Bill Gates wrote “Remembering David MacKay

I’m sure there are several other publications, blog posts, lectures, etc well worth the time to explore. I’ll include one more, from the University of Oxford and “The Secrets of Mathematics” series, a lecture entitled “Why Climate Change Action is Difficult and How We Can Make A Difference“. Sir David MacKay’s good friend, Mark Lynas, wrote a touching piece “What David MacKay taught me, and taught us all” and also conducted his last interview.

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Sir David MacKay 1967 2016



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